Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNEAK PEAK: The Carson Family

Okay... first of all... can I just say that just having a session in ORANGE COUNTY was amazing! Then to add to that I was learning photog skills from the fabulous Drew right along with two of my Fab Four girls- Liz and Jamie! Plus we photographed the SWEETEST family- The Carson Family. It was SO much fun and interactive and I LOVED it!!!

Thank you ALL for such a wonderful experience... there are more pics to come but we are having an ice storm right now and our power might go out! So here's the sneak peek:

blogaCalifornia 254
Beautiful Halley:

blogaCalifornia 240

Sweet little Janey:

blogaCalifornia 235a

They were P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S!

blogaCalifornia 194

Jason + Lucy. Jason you are an amazing father!!! I loved watching you with all your girls!

blogaCalifornia 137a


Saturday, January 24, 2009

One of the best days ever...

Can I just say that I have had the most amazing day. Yes, I'm exhausted... but I am so happy right now! We have had the BEST time shooting away in California!!!! We shot the MOST amazing family today... Oh- I'm so excited to work on the pictures!!!

More to come...


We are HERE!!!

At the beach this morning.... and we're off to meet Drew!

More to come later... Stay tuned!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well the time is approaching! The time for us to spend a day LEARNING mad photography skills from Drew Bittel !!!

I cannot wait be back in my birth state of California, to see the Pacific Ocean, to meet Drew and learn ALL I can, and to spend some time with Jamie and Liz!

Photo swiped from Jamie @ lifeasaphoto.com!



Monday, January 19, 2009

My babies....

I took photos of my little ones the other day and we had a blast!!! My girls are SO easy to take photos of... and Cortland is warming up! Enjoy!

BaCollins Valentine 102

She's is getting SO BIG!!! Where'd my little 2-year-old go???

BaCollins Valentine 010

BaCollins Valentine 039

She's always laughing... I love it!

BaCollins Valentine 078

BaCollins Valentine 047

BaCollins Valentine 056

Look at this ornery face!!! He definitely keeps me on my toes...

BaCollins Valentine 030

BaCollins Valentine 072

Blowing me kisses... my sweet, sweet boy!

BaCollins Valentine 088

I love this picture of Madeline!!!

BaCollins Valentine 019


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ladies Night: Carter's Jewel Chest

So- I've been pretty behind on blogging my posts! (So many more to come...!)

I had the pleasure of photographing the Annual Ladies Night at Carter's Jewel Chest back in December ... and I am just now blogging it!!! Aaagghh!

It was a great night and so much fun for all the women to try on jewelry and mix-and-mingle!


There was even a red carpet...!

Coco Chanel & Marilyn Monroe even showed up!!!



Coco, Marilyn & Indiana Jones!




Saturday, January 17, 2009

Drew Haney sneak peek

Julie... you know I come through for you girl!!! Here is a sneak peek from our session today! Thank you so much for letting me take Drew's six-month pictures. He is adorable! More to come. Hopefully this will hold you over! :)

BaDrew Haney 020

BaDrew Haney 026

BaDrew Haney 075

BaDrew Haney 172

BaDrew Haney 347


Friday, January 16, 2009

Mi familia

These photos were on my old blog but I had to put them here on my new blog because they are some of my favorite photos EVER!

The Collins, Crownover & Woesch families:




Haley & Trey

Okay- so I JUST LOVE these kids!!! They exude so much joy and are so fun-loving! And so fun for me to photograph and capture their little ways.

Thanks Mel for letting me take their photos again! They are beyond precious.

BaCzeschin kiddos 065

BaCzeschin kiddos 006

BaCzeschin kiddos 029

BaCzeschin kiddos 055

BaCzeschin kiddos 077

My favorite of Haley:
BaCzeschin kiddos 026
He is SO ornery!!!
BaCzeschin kiddos 124

BaCzeschin kiddos 100

BaCzeschin kiddos 137

BaCzeschin kiddos 094

BaCzeschin kiddos 128

BaCzeschin kiddos 234

My favorite from the session:
BaCzeschin kiddos 168a