Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Craziest Thing We Have Probably Ever Done


So I'm typing this as I am sitting in my parent's family room as the Superbowl is playing listening to my husband and father cheer on Arizona... yes, I'm blogging instead of watching!!! I am not a huge football fan!

The ice storm in Mountain Home got the best of us. After fighting with the generator, having NO internet (gasp!), having the kids sleep in our closet in sleeping bags (it's the warmest room in the house!), and having to shower at Scott & Alicia's.... we had HAD IT! Plus just seeing almost EVERY tree in our yard completely destroyed... it was heartbreaking! Sam and I were exhausted and about to go NUTS being cooped up so we looked at each other and decided to ESCAPE! We hopped a plane to Florida on Friday afternoon! It is by far the craziest thing we have ever done... and we are having the best time!!! We have spent our time visiting my parents, lounging at the pool, hanging out at the beach, sleeping in, playing Pollyanna (which Sam is totally kicking our butts!!!), and enjoying the luxury of electricity and RUNNING WATER!!!

We started our week on Monday night feeling like this:

... then we hung out at the Esteses as much as we could since they had power:

... and finally we have been enjoying our time at the beach!

I know these pics aren't the best... I left my good camera at home!

As of right now our home doesn't have any power (Thank You Scott for checking every day!) and neither does Sam's work. We are keeping our fingers crossed that all power will be on when we return... :)



Blogger jamie said...

oh you make me mad ;) miss ya...

February 2, 2009 at 2:29 PM  

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